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ACCE 2016

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Our entire Resource Development Group team attended ACCE’s Annual Conference in Savannah a few weeks ago, and in case you missed it, it was a great conference!  The three-day event that Mick Fleming and his team executed was nothing short of exceptional!  The content offered was very relevant to the most pressing opportunities and challenges faced by Chambers today.  With the ACCE Horizon Initiative: Chambers 2025 as it’s foundation, ACCE is leading civic change in America!

As always, the conference also provided opportunities to sit down with friend’s old and new, clients and competitors, and catch up on the latest and greatest!  Some highlights for me included:

Jay Chesshir elected Chair of ACCE!  Jay has been leading change in Little Rock for over a decade and now he has the opportunity to do the same on a national platform.

Chamber Advocacy was a major theme of the conference, and is a subject that we blogged about just recently (  For example, Sam Williams, former President of the Metro Atlanta Chamber and author of The CEO as Urban Statesman, hosted a session that focused on utilizing business leaders to solve public policy challenges. If you haven’t read Sam’s book yet, it’s a must read for all Chamber executives as the industry and our private sector leadership are being compelled/forced to leave the sidelines and take a more front-and-center role in addressing major social and transformational issues.  You can check out Sam’s book on here.

RDG had a chance to play a small part in the conference, participating on a panel discussion of Chamber Capital Campaigns, moderating a portion of the Metro Cities Council meeting and co-sponsoring the Metro and Major Cities Dinner.

The most interesting thing I experienced was an impromptu discussion with the entire RDG team and the CEO of NCDS, Howard Benson, over cocktails after the Metro and Major Cities dinner.  I’ve heard many stories but it was a true honor to sit at the feet of the master and drink in some pearls of wisdom!  It was great to hear his perspective on so many issues and challenges facing our industry today.

I can’t wait for Nashville!

About the Author:

Clint excels in integrating seamlessly with our clients as he develops and implements highly organized campaign strategies specifically customized to each unique situation. Additionally, his breadth of experience with some of the most well-respected organizations in the industry allows Clint the opportunity to share best practices with our clients as it relates to developing and implementing their respective programs of work.

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