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Case Studies

Organizations up-their-game with successful economic development fundraising efforts.
To give you a sense of what RDG could make possible for your organization, we’ve published several case studies. If you find one that resonates with you, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with additional context and details of the project.

Justin Horvath, 
Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership

“The Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership has used RDG for four campaigns, all of which have exceeded the target goal and our expectations. This is not the easiest place to raise money and yet RDG has helped us position the Partnership such that the value-add and compelling case for support is clear to the constituents we serve.”


One Columbus

RDG has managed five economic development funding campaigns for our hometown Chamber of Commerce. In 2009/2010, the regional and corporate leadership realigned all regional economic development activities under a new strategic plan, Columbus 2020. RDG participated in the organizational redesign as a member of the transition team, designed the new funding model, which includes revenue streams for five key initiatives that will be executed by three different organizations.


Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce/Forward Atlanta

Forward Atlanta is one of the premier regional economic development initiatives in the United States. Over five investment campaigns, RDG has helped generate more than $85 million in all private funds for operating capital. Forward Atlanta is the largest all privately-funded economic development program in the country.

Janice Rys, 
Chief Development Officer,
Metro Atlanta
Chamber of Commerce

“RDG has managed four funding campaigns for Forward Atlanta because of their experience with and knowledge of economic development fundraising. They’ve become part of the Metro Atlanta Chamber family and we call on their expertise for many of our big ticket funding needs.”

Carolinas Gateway Partnership - Copy.png

Carolinas Gateway Partnership

RDG has managed four five-year fundraising campaigns for the Carolinas Gateway Partnership. The initial campaign was completed before the CGP was formalized and the President was hired. Now in its 15th year, the CGP is a prototype example of an effective, small market public-private partnership for economic development.

JAXUSA logo.png

Jacksonville Regional Chamber/JAXUSA Partnership

RDG has managed four funding initiatives for the Jacksonville Regional Chamber’s JAXUSA Partnership initiative, generating over $40 million in operating capital.

Economic-Development-Coalition -

Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana

The Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana is a four county region surrounding the Evansville metro. RDG was engaged to manage a hybrid campaign assisted by a local loaned executive. The engagement generated $2.6 million and added 42 new investors to the organization.


North Carolina's Southeast, NCSE

In 2012, RDG was retained to by NCSE to conduct a feasibility study.  The all publicly funded organization was in danger of losing significant operating revenue due to the North Carolina Department of Economic Development being revamped by North Carolina legislators. NCSE needed to pivot quickly to a public-private funding model in order to survive.


Accelerate Indy, Indy Chamber

RDG was retained initially to complete a comprehensive, regional funding feasibility study to establish the mechanics for broad based funding of the CEDS strategy, now known as Accelerate Indy. RDG worked with the staff team to establish proper mechanics for managing and implementing the campaign, including recruiting, organizing and managing a volunteer infrastructure to assist.  In addition, RDG trained staff, informed development and production of campaign collateral materials, developed the campaign narrative and oversaw completion of the successful funding initiative

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