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Year of Transition for RDG

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

It’s with bittersweet emotions that we ring in 2014 – new clients and exciting opportunities and challenges combine with a heartfelt goodbye to a cornerstone of the original Resource Development Group team. 

Let’s start there —

I met Chip Holcombe just over twenty years ago when he joined the firm I was working for at the time, The Suddes Group.  Those of you who know Chip will appreciate this, let’s just say he was a little rough around the edges.  As I watched him it didn’t take long for me to realize, however, that the dude was all substance — incredibly conscientious, responsible, dependable, loyal and quite possibly the best work ethic I have ever seen before or since ………  including mine I dare say!  So a decade later when Mike Trubiano and I were looking for a strong strategic partner, the decision was easy:  Chip.  That alliance, formed a decade ago in 2004, became the new Resource Development Group.

Like any marriage, the Partnership wasn’t always perfect, and struggled through some particularly high hills during and immediately following the global recession.  But through it all, the Partnership did endure!  As a result, Resource Development Group is stronger today than it ever has been, due in no small part to Chip’s guidance, support and leadership.

Here’s another thing you learn if you spend any amount of time with Chip:  he has bad wheels, REALLY bad wheels! I can’t count the number of doctor’s appointments, drugs, injections and knee replacements this guy has been through; but that can be the legacy of a stellar college football career.  So when Chip told us late last year he had an opportunity to join the team of our hometown client, and keep his feet on the ground, it all made sense.

Chip has been a great partner, leader, and mentor for over 20 years.  Most importantly, he’s been a great friend and that’s what we will miss the most.  So as he embarks on his new career with Columbus 2020, we wish him all the best!  To learn more, see the press release announcing his new position:

Look for our next blog post on Investor Relations soon!

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