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Meet Amy Curtis!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

“Development is about transforming the lives of people, not just transforming economies.”

-Joseph E. Stiglitz

RDG is pleased to welcome Amy Curtis to our team. Amy is not new to the firm. We had the opportunity to work with her at the Indy Chamber two fundraising campaigns ago. We were impressed with Amy then and kept up with her when she moved on to a new opportunity. She is passionate about economic and community development and brings a lot of relevant career experience that our clients are going to love. Be sure to check out her bio here on the RDG website and read the interview below so you too can meet Amy.

What are your professional goals for the future?

I’m a firm believer that you are always learning and always changing. Part of me wishes that I had one goal and could work toward it – but then what? Find a new goal? Thus, I prefer to look at more “big picture” goals. Professionally I want to continue to find myself in a place that excites me to get up in the morning and doing something to help others and the community. While every day brings about unique challenges, overall, I want to spend more time with a smile on my face.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Experience has taught me to not have regrets. Once I adopted this perspective in my life, overall, I became a happier person. If I could chat with my younger self, I would tell her that every experience we have is a learning opportunity and though you might not understand at that moment – you never know when that lesson or experience will help you later. I would tell her to be more observant, more understanding, and not sweat the small things – learn from them.

Who is your favorite musical artist/group and why?

Growing up I learned to love all music and have very eclectic playlists - from classical to rock (and everything in between). If I must choose one group/artist – The Beatles! I feel drawn to them because there is a Beatles song for nearly every moment. The sad moments, moments of celebration, moments of reflection, when you need a “pick me up”, or when you just want to dance. My parents were both born in the early 50s and they also have a mutual love of The Beatles – so this created peace during road trips and school drop-offs.

All of that being said: my favorite recent concert experience: hands down – The Eagles!

Favorite place to travel and why:

The coast of Maine – for so many reasons! The weather is excellent spring through fall – not too hot and not too cold. The seafood is wonderful, the scenery is beautiful, the beaches are peaceful and not full of tourists, quaint coastal towns, and did I mention the seafood? I can’t wait to travel back soon!

If you could have a cup of coffee with anyone you want (dead or alive) who would it be with and why?

There are too many to choose from! For today my answer is Queen Elizabeth II. Having had such a full life, decades of steadfast leadership, witness to so many world events, and the pleasure of meeting so many influential leaders. I would welcome the opportunity to join her for tea and a conversation.

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