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Good Company

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

As we close 2015 and make the transition into 2016 I was reminded this month of the importance of partnerships. I was making the 2.5 hour drive from Columbus (Ohio) to our client in Indianapolis with one of RDG’s other owners, Mike Trubiano, riding shotgun. As is typical, we strategized business, talked about family, argued about politics, sports, well… you name it, and more than anything just kept each other company for the extended ride.

Mike and I have been both business partners and friends for over 35 years, culminating in the launch of Capital Funding Strategies, which is now Resource Development Group, 20 years ago this month. It’s been a wild ride to say the least — through a merger, growth, contraction, growth again, 9/11, the global meltdown, systemic evolutions in the economic development industry, not to mention seven kids and now one grandchild between our two families. Never a dull moment as they say!

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