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Robert Radcliff

Senior Counsel
Hendersonville, NC    (C): (614) 395-3842     (E):


  • Over the years, I’ve been Chief Financial Officer, Marketer, Operations, Culture Czar, you name it.

  • Today, I am enjoying offering advice and guidance to RDG’s stable of clients, as well as our new leadership team. Witnessing their growth first-hand as they take RDG to even higher levels is very gratifying.



  • Was Senior Partner at The Suddes Group, a transformative fundraising firm that launched the concept of Direct Solicitation for non-profits. My focus was economic development clients, which introduced me to some of America’s greatest Chambers and Economic Development Corporations.

  • Served as VP of Government Affairs for Banc One, today known as JP Morgan Chase. I was responsible for local, state and federal relations with our elected and administrative public servants. I became an expert on things like campaign finance, Political Action Committees, managing political campaigns and most importantly, how to keep my head down when the sh&t starts flying!

  • Worked as SVP of Government Relations at the Columbus (Ohio) Chamber of Commerce, where I learned the true value of local and regional Chambers. I had the opportunity to build grass roots coalitions, lobby for things as exciting as new Convention Centers and as mundane as city bond issues. I also managed more than one local tax initiative.

  • Was Staff Director of the Ohio Senate’s Economic Development Committee, where I first had the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical applications. As an idealistic political neophyte, my eyes were opened to all of the really great things, and all of the really bad things about government as we know it today. But the most important thing I did was meet my future Co-Founder of RDG, Mike Trubiano.



  • THE Ohio State University, receiving my BA in Political Science and Economics, graduating with honors I am proud to say.

  • The Capital University School of Law, where in the midst of getting married, working full time, buying a house and having our first two children, attending law school at night and on weekends seemed like a great idea!



  • Facetiming with my grandkids

  • Running

  • Playing Pickleball

  • Reading a book

  • Planning our next trip to Colorado Springs, Pawleys Island, Chicago, or Paris (France) to see our kids and grandkids

  • Enjoying a nice glass of red and a good cigar!

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