What Your Peers Are Saying

Organizations of all sizes use Resource Development Group. While some choose us because of our experience and knowledge, others select us due to our scope of work. Learn why and what motivated our clients to choose RDG and how RDG has impacted their organization.

“RDG is simply the best in this business. Their professional approach and vast experience was invaluable to our efforts to meet our fundraising goal and to help set up our entire organization.”

Kenny McDonald, Chief Economic Officer, Columbus2020!

“RDG has managed two funding campaigns for us and each time our expectations were exceeded by a well-planned, well-executed, professionally managed process.”

Roy Williams, President & CEO, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce

“I have worked with RDG in two different markets and found their ability to adapt to the local community un-surpassed. Rather than bringing a pre-packaged, boiler plate process, they dove in, quickly understood our specific challenges and then designed a funding process that met our needs.”

Ronnie Bryant , President & CEO, Charlotte Regional Partnership

“RDG Principals have managed three funding campaigns for the Jacksonville Regional Chamber’s Cornerstone initiative. We have had the opportunity to work with a number of fundraising firms but continue to return to RDG because each campaign has been efficient, effective and highly professional.”

Jerry Mallott, President, JAXUSA Partnership

“RDG has managed four funding campaigns for Forward Atlanta because of their experience with and knowledge of economic development fundraising. They’ve become part of the Metro Atlanta Chamber family and we call on their expertise for many of our big ticket funding needs.”

Janice Rys, Senior Vice President, Development, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

“We have used RDG for five successful campaigns. They brought a sound methodology, a thorough understanding of our market and a strong commitment to each campaign.”

Bill Thornton, President & CEO, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce

“After the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and Action Greensboro were organized under the umbrella of the Greensboro Partnership, we retained RDG for our first funding campaign as a new organization. The campaign exceeded our $9 million goal and we have continued our relationship with RDG for investor relations assistance and annual benchmark tracking.”

Pat Danahy, Retired President & CEO, Greensboro Partnership

“The Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership has used RDG for two campaigns, both of which have exceeded the target goal and our expectations. This is not the easiest place to raise money and yet RDG has helped us position the Partnership such that the value-add and compelling case for support is clear to the constituents we serve.”

Justin Horvath, President/CEO, Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership

“RDG has managed four five-year fundraising campaigns for the Carolinas Gateway Partnership. The initial campaign was completed before the CGP was formalized and staffed. We are now in our 15th year, and want to thank RDG for their professionalism, responsiveness and capabilities that consistently exceed our expectations.”

John Gessaman, Retired Founding President and CEO, Carolina's Gateway Partnership

“Our organization was in start-up mode when we retained RDG to help us convert from all public to public-private. Rather than only focusing on fundraising, they helped us develop our organizational brand, refine and fully align our program of work, and position our single county ex-urban community within the broader context of a complex regional market. Their approach was holistic and truly helped us elevate the entire organization.”

Nathan Greene, Former Executive Director, Pickaway Progress Partnership and Current Director of Economic Development at The Montrose Group, LLC